Window repairs


Before you moved into your home the windows were checked and approved as meeting our quality standards. This means that the windows are secure, free from defects and have no outstanding Health and Safety issues.

During your tenancy, we will undertake repairs to your windows if:

  • The locking mechanism fails, affecting the security of your home
  • The window seals fail, allowing draught or rain water into your home
  • The hinge or restrictor fails and affects the opening or shutting of the window
  • The mastic seal to any external face of the window frame fails
  • The glazing is broken by an act of vandalism and you have a crime reference number from the local Police.
  • The glazing seals breakdown, causing misting between the glass panes
  • Health and safety repairs are required to secure your home in an emergency.

The following are your responsibility. We will not:

  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Repair windows hinges, handles and locking mechanisms damaged by misuse or neglect
  • Replace missing keys
  • Replace any broken glazing
  • Repair any damage caused by you, any member of your household or your guests, even if the damage was accidental.

Inspection service

When you report a repair we may send our Inspector to your home to specify what works are required.

The Inspector will:

  • Identify the repairs that we will carry out
  • Take measurements, note model numbers etc.
  • Identify if replacement parts are needed
  • State the number of repairs needed.

The Inspector cannot:

  • Order repairs to be carried out which are not our responsibility
  • Order a new window if repairs can be undertaken to fix the existing window.

Your own home improvements

If you wish to change any external door, door frame or undertake any improvement works to an existing door you must contact us with details and gain our permission prior to starting work. Unauthorised alterations will not be maintained by us and you may be recharged if we attend to carry out a repair as a direct result of your improvements. For more information about this please read our dedicated page.

When you move out

You need to give your property back to us in a good condition and we will arrange to inspect your property before you leave.

If repairs which are your responsibility need to be completed you will need to do these before you move out. If you do not carry out the work we will charge you for the cost of getting the property back to a satisfactory standard. You can find out more about the recharges here.