What you can expect from us

Our service standards are our promise to all our customers of the level of service you can expect to receive from us.

When you contact us

We will always tell you our name and be polite and friendly.

We will try to communicate with you in the way that you prefer, for example by letter, by phone, by email or in person.

When you phone us

We will aim to answer your enquiry at first contact. If you need specialist advice we will pass you on to someone who can help you.

If you leave a message we will return your call within one working day, or at a later date to suit you.

When you contact us by letter or email

We will acknowledge your letter or email within three working days of receiving it.

We will give you a full reply by letter or email within 10 working days of receiving your enquiry.

Visiting our head office

If you visit us we will aim to not keep you waiting for more than 10 minutes.

If you want to be seen in private we will arrange this for you.


We will only cancel an appointment if we have to and we will give you as much notice as possible.

We will always show our ID when we visit you.

When you have a complaint about our service

We will accept your complaint by letter, by email, by fax, by phone, in person or through our website.

We will provide you with an acknowledgement within five calendar days of receiving your complaint. The acknowledgement will provide you with a summary of our procedure, tell you who will investigate your complaint and when you can expect a response.

Access to our service

We will provide a hearing loop in our reception area and interview rooms for visitors who use hearing aids.

We will provide a translation and interpretation service if you want it.

We will provide information in a format that is appropriate for you, for example in larger print, on tape, in a different language or in pictures, if you ask for it.

Involving you

We will make sure there are a range of opportunities for you to get involved in improving our services if you choose.

We will take your views into account when we develop new services and offer you training to help you influence and scrutinise the services we already provide.

We ask of you the following

Follow the conditions of your tenancy or licence agreement.

Act in a considerate and reasonable way and ask your family and visitors to do the same.

Be at home when we have agreed to meet you there and, if you cannot be there, let us know as soon as possible.

Let us know about any changes in your contact details and circumstances for example if you change your name, so that we can keep our records up to date.

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Customer Services on 0300 500 6262 or email us.