Repairs and maintenance

I have an appointment booked with you to service my boiler. Will this still go ahead?

Yes. If you have an appointment booked for a boiler service, this will still go ahead.

If you’re self-isolating, or have coronavirus symptoms, please let us know before your appointment. We will either reschedule the appointment or make sure that our engineer who carries out the service wears protective clothing.

I have a non-emergency repair booked which was arranged before the government’s coronavirus announcements were made. Will this appointment still go ahead?

No. We’re not carrying out any non-emergency repairs until further notice but will be carrying out emergency repairs.

Non-emergency repairs postponed until further notice include but not limited to:
• Kitchen and bathroom upgrades
• Electrical and heating upgrades
• Replacement windows and doors
• Decorating.

Emergency repairs will continue

We will investigating issues which could, or have already, caused significant damage to your home such as roof leaks, flooding, fire or structural damage.

These include:
• Total loss of electricity, mains water, hot water and/or heating
• Works to external and communal areas such as emergency ground works, cleaning services and communal lighting
• Regulatory service checks such as gas boiler servicing, fire warden duties and legionella checks
• Fire remediation work and reinstatement
• Any repair required that poses a potential danger to the public.

We’ll publish updates on any changes to which repairs we’re able to carry out on our website.

I have an appointment booked and I am self-isolating. What should I do?

Please contact us as soon as you can and let us know.

We’ll make a note in our system that you’re self-isolating and either reschedule your appointment or make sure that our engineer who carries out the service wears protective clothing.

If we go into lockdown, what will happen about the cleaning our communal areas?

If we go into lockdown, we’ll still have frontline teams who’ll be able to continue to do their jobs. One of these teams are the cleaners who look after communal areas – especially important when maintaining high standards of hygiene are critical.
We may have to change the dates and times our teams carry out their work.


Last updated: 25 March 2020