Responsibility for repairs and maintenance

The repair and maintenance of your home is a joint responsibility between you as our tenant and us as your landlord.

We are committed to keeping all of our homes in excellent condition, both now and in the future. We do this by:

  • planning long-term programmes to repair and modernise homes
  • repairing empty homes to a high standard ready for new tenants; and
  • providing a fast and effective day-to-day repairs service for all our tenants, backed up with advice and help from our Technical Services Advisors and Maintenance Inspectors.

We maintain the structure and outside of your home and the installations such as central heating, water heating, sanitary ware (toilet bowls and cisterns for example) and those supplying gas, water and electricity. In certain blocks of flats and other properties, we are also responsible for repairing or replacing shared installations such as lifts, rubbish chutes and shared lighting.

What repairs are you responsible for?

Although we are responsible for repairing many items within the home, the following items are your responsibility:

  • Keys, including keys to meter boxes and cupboards, radiators and window locks
  • Internal doors
  • Handles on doors inside your home
  • Cupboard handles and catches
  • Hinges on doors, cupboards or kitchen units inside your home
  • Plugs and chains to sinks, hand basins or baths
  • Pull chains or handles on toilet cisterns
  • Blocked toilets, sinks and drains if you have caused the blockage
  • Toilet-roll holders
  • Toilet seats
  • Doorbells, unless attached to a door-entry system
  • Replacing cracked or broken glass windows and doors (unless due to a structural fault)
  • Battery-operated smoke alarms
  • Clothes lines and posts or rotary clothes dryers (except for certain blocks of flats)
  • Dustbins and recycling boxes (except for certain blocks of flats)
  • Containers used to collect rain water (water butts)
  • Garden sheds or greenhouses left by a previous tenant
  • Minor cracks to plaster
  • Repairing or replacing garden gates and fencing if your property has its own garden that is not shared by other resident
  • Decorating
  • Aerials and sockets (except on certain blocks of flats that have a shared aerial)
  • BT/Phone connections
  • Curtains batons
  • Any other item not fitted by us (including gifted items)
  • Any repairs you have caused by neglect or deliberate damage, including broken windows and outside door locks

Condition of your home

It is your responsibility to keep the property clean, tidy, and free from vermin and pests.  Please contact your local authority Environmental Health Department for further advice.

You must not cause any obstruction or fire hazard in common areas. You must not store personal possessions in any common areas such as stairwells or leave any rubbish there or on the estate.  Your local authority may provide a collection service for a small fee.

Please note that when we remove items of rubbish from an estate, costs will be passed on to residents. Please do not store any rubbish, flammable or dangerous items in your home or garden.