Paying rent, service charges and ground rent

Since 2002 the Government has set rents for all social landlords. This ensures that social housing tenants, whether they rent from a local authority or a housing association, pay similar rents in the same area. The target rent is the maximum amount that can be charged, reflecting the property’s value and the average income of people living in the same county.

Your rent and service charge are due in advance on the Monday of each week. You can pay your rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly but, whichever option you choose, your rent and service charge must be paid in advance so you do not fall into arrears.

Each time your rent is reviewed, we will send you a written notice setting out how much your new rent and service charge is and what date it is payable from.

What does my rent cover?

Your rent pays for:

• repairs to your home and surrounding neighbourhood
• improvements to your home, such as a new kitchens and bathrooms
• our office and staff costs
• interest on the loans we have taken out in order to build new homes.

What does my service charge pay for?

If you live in a property where we provide services such as cleaning, gardening, lighting of shared areas (such as stairs and hallways) or a scheme manager or caretaker, you will have to pay a charge for this in addition to your rent.