Looking to move?

Mutual exchange

It is possible to move home through a system we call mutual exchange.

What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange is when you ‘swap’ your home with another social housing customer. If you rent with us you can swap with:

  • Another one of our customers
  • A tenant of a council or
  • A tenant of another housing association.

You can find out more about how this works on our mutual exchange page.

Moving out

Before you move there are a number of things you need to do. This information explains your responsibilities and gives details of the charges we will apply if you don’t meet your obligations. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Customer Services on 0300 500 6262.

Giving notice

You must give us notice in accordance with your tenancy agreement which is usually at least 28 days. If you do not give us this notice, you will still have to pay rent until we have let your home to someone else or until the notice period you should have given us has passed. Your notice period still applies even if you hand your keys back early – although we will do our best to re-let your property as quickly as possible. If you want more information on how to give notice, please contact our Customer Services on 0300 500 6262.

Property inspection

You need to give your property back to us in a good condition and to ensure this happens we will arrange with you to inspect your property before you leave. This visit will enable us to tell you about any repairs or redecorations which are your responsibility and which you need to complete before you move out. If you do not carry out the work we will charge you for the cost of getting the property back to a satisfactory standard. We have listed the cost of repairs further down the page.

We will also carry out an inspection once you have moved out, as it is sometimes difficult to see everything which needs to be done while there is still furniture in the property. If we find additional work which is also your responsibility you will be charged for that. Please look at the cost of repairs for items you are responsible for; generally it will cost you less to carry out the repairs yourself.

Leaving your property in good condition also means removing all your belongings and any rubbish or items of furniture you no longer require. Please remember that this also applies to your garden, storage cupboards, loft and garage, if you have these.

If it does become necessary for us to charge you for work we have to carry out we will send you an invoice very soon after you have moved. If you have difficulty paying we can discuss an installment payment plan with you.

Before moving out

  • Make sure your rent account is clear (one of our Rent Services Officers will contact you during your notice period if you have any outstanding debts with us)
  • Advise us of your forwarding address
  • Remove all belongings and rubbish so that you are not charged for clearance. This also applies to your garden, storage cupboards, loft and garage, if you have these
  • Do not leave any furnishings
  • Only leave floor coverings if they are in good condition
  • Fixtures and fittings such as gas fires and kitchen units are normally our property and should not be removed. if you are in any doubt, please ask us
  • Do not leave open gas pipes or live wires. Always use qualified or registered tradesmen to remove appliances
  • Do not damage the property or decorations when moving out
  • Inform gas, electricity, water and telephone companies you are moving and read the meters on your last day
  • Notify your local council that you are moving for council tax and housing benefit purposes
  • Leave the property empty, secure and in a clean condition
  • Make sure that you leave behind gas or electric meter keys or cards (for pre-payment meters). These are not usable in any other property but will enable us to test the safety of gas and electric supplies


  • If you have taken down any doors or kitchen units while you have been living at the property these should be replaced before you leave
  • If you have installed any non-standard light fittings or dimmer switches you should arrange for a qualified electrician to change these back to standard fittings
  • If you have erected a shed or greenhouse you may need to remove this and any concrete base. However, you should check this with us

Improvements to your home

For certain types of home improvements you may be entitled to receive a proportion of the cost of these back. This applies where you have submitted three estimates beforehand and obtained written permission from us.

Returning your keys

Using a keysafe

We will normally install a keysafe at your property and show you how to use this when we come to inspect your property before you leave. You may find it useful to try using the keysafe before your moving day – if you have any problems with operating it please contact us on 0300 500 6262.

If a keysafe has been provided you should leave one front door key in the keysafe by midday on the day your tenancy ends.

In person

We are sometimes able to arrange to meet you at your property and collect the keys from you before you leave. If we are able to do this we will make arrangements with you at the inspection of your property, or by phone before you leave.

By post

Occasionally we may agree for the front door key to be returned by post. If we have arranged this with you then you should return the keys to us by recorded delivery.

All other keys to your property should be left in the kitchen drawer. This should include keys to the following (where applicable):

Back door(s), window locks, garage, patio door, garden shed and meter cupboard

Instructions for using a keysafe

The code for your keysafe will be on a note handed to you or posted through your letterbox when the keysafe is fitted. Please note that this keysafe code is for your property only. It will not work on other keysafes. We will come out to your property as soon as it is empty, and will change the keysafe code again, to make sure that the property is secure.

However, it is important that you don’t give your code to anyone else – if the property is damaged as a result of other people being able to enter it, you may be recharged for any additional repair work which we need to carry out.

To open the keysafe

  1. On the front of the keysafe is a button marked ‘clear’ – push this down
  2. Key in the code you have been given
  3. Pull down the top button, marked ‘open’ – the keysafe will open
  4. Put your front door key in the safe

To close the keysafe

  1. To put back the front of the keysafe, firstly push down the ‘clear’ button then release
  2. Key in the code number again, pull down the button marked ‘open’ and keep it down
  3. Hook the bottom of the keysafe front into the safe
  4. Push the cover onto the rest of the keysafe
  5. Release the ‘open’ button

Repair charges

Full clean of property £130
Full environmental clearance of property including needles, fleas and infestations. The cost of this will vary from property to property and once we have received the invoice for the work it will be forwarded on to you for payment


Clear property of resident’s belongings, including carpets £250
Replacement window keys, each (2 per floor required) £5

Replacement flooring per square metre (kitchen/bathroom)

Remove non-standard light fitting and replace with pendant light fitting (each) £26
Internal door £141
Internal door handles/locks £68
Door closer £57
Fill and make good holes in door (per door) £50
Electrical socket or switch (each) £25
Balustrades (each) £9
Ease and adjust internal or external doors or gates (per door/gate) £30
Filling and making good holes and cracks (per room) £15
Stripping wallpaper (per room) £75
Emulsion (per room) £158
Gloss woodwork (per room) £173
Re-glaze single glazed window £60
Re-glaze double glazed window £100
Re-glaze patio door (one leaf) £150
Ease and adjust windows (per window) £30
Replace window handles (per handle) £30
Kitchen base unit £80
Kitchen cupboard £70
Kitchen base or cupboard door £42
Plinths £37
Ease and adjust kitchen unit doors or hinges (per door) £10
Extractor fan clean / overhaul (kitchen and bathroom) £11
Kitchen drawer replacement £40
Kitchen cupboard & drawer handles £11
Renew sink plug (kitchen/bathroom) £12
Replace damaged tiling per sq. meter (kitchen and bathroom) £88
Remove fridge / freezer £80
Deep clean of kitchen £20
Bath panel £107
Replace damaged toilet £97
Replace damaged sink (bathroom) £250
Replace broken toilet seat £43
Replace wash hand basin £290
Replace tubular lock (bathroom) £55
Deep clean of bathroom £20
Clear gardens of rubbish and cut or strim grass £200
Remove shed / greenhouse £80
Replace external door £470
Paint or stain external door £75
Ease and adjust external door £30
Mortice lock £100
Yale lock £75
External door handles £68
Replace glass in external doors £60
Gate handles £30
Letter box £22
Replace lock to external mailbox £20
Replace fence panels (per panel) £135


Where tenants have made structural changes, or changes to gas/ electrical/water piping or wiring, without our written permission, we reserve the right to charge the full cost of re-instating the property.