New home standards


We think it is important to know what you can expect from one of our homes before you move in. You will find this information below. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Services team.

Our promise to you

We aim to let our properties in a clean, safe and secure condition. We've set out below the standards you should expect when moving into one of our properties. 

Basic repairs and structure

The property will:

  • Be structurally stable
  • Be free from dampness that could affect someone’s health
  • Have satisfactory lighting and electrical sockets
  • Have a suitably located bathroom with a fixed bath or shower, toilet and wash hand basin
  • Have satisfactory kitchen facilities where food can be prepared and cooked and there will be a kitchen sink with hot and cold running water
  • Have a full gas or electric heating system.

Safety and security

We will ensure that:

Safety standards

Are all capable of being fully closed and either latched or locked shut.

Broken glass is replaced and the windows are weather tight.

Glass which is under a level of 80cm will be safety glass.


Electrical tests are carried out in accordance with current IEE regulations and any electrical fittings including the consumer unit are clean and in a safe condition.

Non-standard electrical fittings are tested. If safe, they will be left in the property and become yours when you move in. If they are unsafe, they will be replaced with standard white fittings.

Staircase lighting has a two-way switch.

Gas The gas installation and any fixed gas appliances are tested and found safe in accordance with current Gas Safety regulations.
Asbestos The property is visually checked for asbestos containing materials and the risk of asbestos in the property checked against our records. 

Handrails, grab rails and banisters are secure.

Polystyrene ceiling tiles are removed.


Where there is a hardwired smoke detector it is serviced and checked.

Bathroom and toilet doors have an external override lock for access in an emergency. 

Footpaths and drives are free from obstructions and tripping hazards.

In sheltered schemes the flooring in the kitchen and the bathroom is non-slip.

Keys External front and back doors have at least one lock and we will provide at least two full sets of keys.


Cleaning and decoration

We will ensure that:

  • Poor quality or dirty carpets are removed. Carpets we consider to be in reasonable condition will be left in the property and it will be your responsibility to remove them if you do not wish to keep them
  • The property is free from all discarded or stored objects left by the previous tenant and all litter and rubbish is cleared from all rooms, the loft, any cupboards and outbuildings
  • Where items such as shelving, bathroom cabinets, picture hooks, curtain rails and lamp shades are left by the outgoing tenant we will leave them in the property if they are in reasonable condition. They will become yours when you move in
  • Excessive limescale is removed from bathroom fittings
  • Walls and ceilings are left in a condition where they are ready to be redecorated with a small amount of preparation
  • We provide vouchers to help you with the cost of decorating if we feel that the condition of the existing decorations falls below an acceptable standard.

We may decorate some rooms in accommodation for older people or those with a disability where the existing decorations are not satisfactory.


We will ensure that:

  • Sheds or outbuildings are in good condition.  Once you move in any such structures will become your responsibility
  • Gardens are cleared of rubbish and building debris and trees, bushes and grass are cut down to a manageable level. Trees will be left in place unless they are considered to be in a dangerous condition, or likely to cause damage to your property or neighbouring properties
  • Any ponds or water features in the garden will generally be left in place.

There may be some repairs to complete after you have moved into the property and we will point these out to you when you look round.