Social distancing during essential visits to your home | Latest news

Social distancing during essential visits to your home | Latest news

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Social distancing during essential visits to your home

Social distancing during essential visits to your home

To help us keep all customers, colleagues and contractors safe and well, we are currently only undertaking emergency repairs and essential safety inspections to your homes.

We understand that during this time you may have some concerns about colleagues or contractors visiting your home. As an extra measure to help keep you safe, we’ve provided personal protective equipment (PPE) – such as gloves, masks and disposable aprons – for all colleagues and contractors visiting customers.

It’s also important that government advice on social distancing is followed, and you keep at least two metres apart throughout the visit. We’ve introduced a useful social distancing guide.

Social distancing guidance during an essential home visit

  1. Make sure everyone in your home follows the social distancing advice and always keep a two metre distance
  2. Where possible make sure that you and other members of your home stay in another room
  3. If you or anyone in your home is experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus, please advise us immediately

Keeping everyone safe and well

If the social distancing guidance isn’t followed – by you or anyone else in your home – during an essential visit, our colleagues and contractors will give you a polite reminder and ask you to keep a safe distance. If this reminder is ignored for a second time, they will advise you that they are stopping work and will leave your property immediately.

This guidance is to make sure everyone is kept safe. If you have any questions about social distancing and any repairs or safety inspections to your home, you can find out more on our coronavirus repairs and maintenance FAQs.

You can also contact us on 0300 500 6262 or

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