Coronavirus Voluntary Sector Support Fund | Latest news

Coronavirus Voluntary Sector Support Fund | Latest news

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Coronavirus Voluntary Sector Support Fund

Coronavirus Voluntary Sector Support Fund

Catalyst has set up an emergency fund to help small charities and voluntary sector organisations responding to support communities with the challenges of coronavirus.

The fund has been set up as a recognition of the additional challenges faced by charities and community organisations when delivering services. We understand that organisations will not be able to deliver services as they have done previously, because of the restrictions from social distancing and self-isolation.  Our aim is to help organisations that can identify alternative and meaningful ways to continue to support people who are most at risk during prolonged periods of isolation.

The fund is open to organisations working in Catalyst neighbourhoods that are supporting those with low and insecure incomes, older people and vulnerable adults, as well as those with mental ill health.

Groups can apply for up to £2,000 and will cover costs such as:

  • Staffing costs to cover the project
  • Small capital/equipment costs
  • Volunteer costs
  • Contribution to general running costs

Organisations interested in applying are encouraged to email Wendy Sweeney, Specialist Team Manager, to organise an informal discussion about your project.

3 April 2020

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