Aldwyck’s work with young people recognised at London awards | Latest news

Aldwyck’s work with young people recognised at London awards | Latest news

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Aldwyck’s work with young people recognised at London awards

Aldwyck’s work with young people recognised at London awards

Aldwyck Housing Group has beaten high profile competition to win ‘Corporate Partner of the Year’ at the EY Foundation Impact Awards in London for its work with young people on the EY Foundation’s ‘Our Future’ programme.

In their first partnership with the foundation, Aldwyck helped young people from diverse backgrounds from their customer base in Luton and Central Bedfordshire make the transition from school into work or further education last year.

The EY Foundation is the charitable arm of global professional services organisation EY. Their ‘Our Future’ programme connects employers looking for local talent with young people from diverse backgrounds who face major barriers to entering the workplace.

Aldwyck won the award for their work with nine 16-17-year olds at their Bedfordshire office in Houghton Regis. In their school holidays, the young people received an introduction to Aldwyck as an employer, paid work experience at a competitive wage, intensive skills training and one-to-one mentoring by one of Aldwyck’s team.

The Impact Awards ceremony was held at EY’s prestigious London office, and launched the EY Foundation’s 2018 Impact Report, in which Aldwyck and one of the young people features. Alongside members of the EY team, the awards were presented by some of the young people from last year’s programme including Aldwyck’s protégé 18-year-old Charmaine.

Charmaine was one of the stars of last year’s programme, and featured in a video about her time of the programme. She did an amazing job at the awards presenting in front of an audience of over 150 professionals and peers.

Following the success of last year’s programme, Aldwyck is working in partnership with the EY Foundation on the ‘Our Future’ programme again this year. Students will work with departments including IT, Finance, Community Involvement and Communications. During their time on the programme, students will also receive one-to-one support from mentors including Aldwyck’s Managing Director, Kirsty Pepper.

Rhys Evans, Community Engagement Manager, who lead the programme, said:

“The Impact Awards are a real inspiration in what young people can achieve, and the skills and confidence they develop, with the help of such programmes. We were surprised and delighted to win the Corporate Partner award, especially as we were up against other much bigger and higher profile organisations. The award reflects the efforts and achievements of the young people – we simply give them the opportunity and environment to learn, grow and flourish.

“We’re thrilled to report that Charmaine has been accepted into university where she’ll be studying for a degree in Psychology from September. She’ll also be working for us in her holidays to help with a systems project. We’re also in touch with other students from last year’s programme who are putting their new skills into practice in their chosen studies, work or volunteering roles. We wish them all well and look forward to giving more young people a great start to their working lives.”

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