Aldwyck supports mental health charity Mind’s ‘Time to Change’ | Latest news

Aldwyck supports mental health charity Mind’s ‘Time to Change’ | Latest news

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Aldwyck supports mental health charity Mind’s ‘Time to Change’

Aldwyck supports mental health charity Mind’s ‘Time to Change’ 

Aldwyck Housing Group has signed up to support mental health charity Mind’s Time to Change pledge.

The campaign promotes changing the way we talk about and understand mental health in the workplace, and aims to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people who experience mental health problems.

The housing association’s Chief Executive, Ian McDermott, signed the official ‘Time to Change’ pledge and explained why it’s important. Watch the video here.

As part of the campaign, and its ongoing commitment to supporting mental health at work, Aldwyck is organising training, speakers and events throughout October and November, and will be supporting World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

David Benson, Aldwyck’s Head of Organisational Development said,

"We all have physical health, and many of us work hard to maintain it. We all have mental health, but many of us won’t consider it until we’re affected. If we’re physically unwell then we’ll normally discuss it quite openly, yet the same is not true for mental health. We should be able to talk easily about mental health as it can affect us at any point in our lives. We recognise that.

The fact that 1 in 4 British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year, and 9 out of 10 people who experience mental health problems say they face stigma and discrimination proves this is a subject we need to openly talk about. Our Executive Team’s commitment to the ‘Time to Change’ pledge, coupled with promoting awareness and providing training throughout the organisation, is another step that makes Aldwyck a great place to work and to help our colleagues be the best they can be.”

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