Aldwyck customer review video highlights successes | Latest news

Aldwyck customer review video highlights successes | Latest news

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Aldwyck customer review video highlights successes

Aldwyck customer review video highlights successes


The extensive work being done to make local communities great places to live has been captured in a new video produced by Aldwyck Housing Group.


The customer annual review for 2018/19 gives customers an insight into how they have contributed to the quality of service and value for money Aldwyck provides.  


The animated video takes customers on a journey showcasing Aldwyck’s work in the community and the volunteering and learning opportunities available to people of all ages.  


It highlights how Aldwyck has listened to feedback and changed to a style of community involvement which is collaborative and customer-led. Customers who engage with the housing group are recognised as volunteers as a reflection of the time they put in to their community.


In 2018/19, customers engaged with Aldwyck 1,444 times through a number of community engagement activities, including taking part in consultations, reviewing performance and recommending changes to services. That’s a massive 44% increase on the previous year.


Other highlights include:

  • 24 customer champions recruited to monitor the standard of the grounds maintenance and communal cleaning services
  • 568 training courses delivered for customers
  • Youth volunteers clocked up 1,865 hours of community volunteering
  • Over 440 adults and young people took part in the summer programme


The video also includes performance highlights and complaints information so customers can see how Aldwyck is constantly developing and shaping its services with them in mind.


Rhys Evans, Community Engagement Manager, said: “We’re extremely proud of what our customers have achieved in 2018/19. It just goes to show what can be accomplished when we all work together.


“Our aim now is to build on the strong foundations set down. We’ve been speaking with groups of customers over the last few months to review and improve how we work together. The result is a new approach that provides more opportunities for collaborative working to continuously improve the services we, and our contractors, provide.


“We recognise the importance of acting upon what are customers are saying to ensure that our communities continue to thrive in the years ahead.”


To find out more about the volunteering opportunities available at Aldwyck, visit our Community Involvement page.


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