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Activities to do at home | Latest news

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Activities to do at home

Activities to do at home

Following the government’s announcement on 10 May we all know that – for most of us – the next few weeks will continue as they have been since lockdown began on 23 March. This means staying at home as much as possible, and when you do go out continuing to maintain the two-metre social distance rule to help keep everyone safe and well.

Staying at home may feel frustrating or even lonely. It’s OK to feel like this. It’s important to remember that although staying at home may be difficult, by doing it you’re helping to protect yourself and others.

Whether you’ve been furloughed, you’re working from home or you’re home schooling the kids, it can start to feel like you’ve run out of ideas to keep yourself active and entertained while stuck in the house. With this in mind, we’ve found some great online activities and events that may help.

If you live alone and are feeling isolated from your friends and family, we’ve got some ideas to help you stay in touch too.

Head to our activities to do at home page to find out more information on activities for children and young people, free online workshops and courses, podcasts, online shows and museum tours, useful reading materials and lots more.

You can find out more about government’s social distancing rules on our social distancing FAQs page.

Go to our coronavirus update page for all the latest news and updates.

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