Making a Complaint


Making a complaint

We work hard to provide a great service for all our customers, but we know that sometimes things go wrong.  When we make a mistake we’ll always say we’re sorry, aim to put it right, and do things better in future so we don’t make the same mistake again. 

If you’re unhappy with our service tell us straightaway and we’ll try to sort things out, but if we don’t you can make a complaint to us. 

Who can make a complaint?

Any customer and anyone affected by our services.  You can also ask another person to complain on your behalf, for example a family member, health or care worker, or someone with power of attorney. 

How do I complain?

You can make your complaint by:

  • Completing our simple online form:
Complaints form
  • Calling 0300 500 6262
  • Emailing
  • Speaking to any member of staff
  • Writing to us at: Ealing Gateway, 26–30 Uxbridge Rd, Ealing, London W5 2AU.

How are complaints dealt with?

Complaints will be investigated by one of our managers who has responsibility for the service you’re complaining about. They’ll let you know what action we’re going to take or explain clearly if we can’t help and why within 10 working days.

Very occasionally if your complaint is about a complex issue it may take longer than 10 days, if so the manager will contact you to let you know.

If you’re not satisfied with the reply to your complaint you can ask to appeal. If you want to appeal you’ll need to tell us within 40 working days (eight weeks) of receiving our response to your complaint. You’ll need to let us know why you want to appeal and what you expect from us.

An appeal is an independent review by a senior manager who hasn’t been involved in your complaint. They’ll let you know the outcome of their review within 20 working days. 

Are there any complaints that won’t be dealt with?

Sometimes we might decide it’s not necessary or appropriate to consider a complaint. For example:

  • We won’t investigate complaints about things that happened more than 40 working days (eight weeks) ago
  • If your complaint is about a legal or insurance issue, antisocial behaviour or is a starter tenancy appeal we’ll handle it differently
  • If your complaint is about a service provided by a managing agent we’ll ask you to follow the managing agents’ complaints procedure
  • We may not deal with complaints from people who make lots of unfounded complaints
  • We may not investigate complaints that have already been fully responded to.

If we’re not going to investigate your complaint we’ll explain why.

What if I’m not satisfied with the result of my complaint? 

You can seek advice from your local councillor or your MP. They may decide they can help to solve the problem between you and us or they might refer it to the Housing Ombudsman. 

You can contact the Housing Ombudsman directly, but you must first wait eight weeks after receiving our final response:

The contact details are:

Housing Ombudsman Service
PO Box 152
L33 7WQ

0300 111 300

There are some complaints that may not be considered by the Housing Ombudsman. These include complaints about the administration of equity loans which may be considered by the Financial Ombudsman Service or complaints about the level of service charges for leaseholders which may be considered by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.  

What about compensation? 

We know that it’s important to be honest and say sorry when we get things wrong.  Sometimes this may involve a goodwill gesture or compensation. In some cases, our insurance company will deal with your claim.

We won’t pay compensation if something has gone wrong but it isn’t our fault, or if:

  • There’s no clear evidence that our service has failed
  • We’ve acted reasonably and followed the law, the terms of your tenancy or other agreement with us and applied our policies and procedures
  • The problem was caused by you, a neighbour, or someone carrying out work we didn’t authorise
  • Damage has been caused by condensation
  • You haven’t given us access to carry out repairs, or where we’ve had to delay repairs to avoid our staff and contractors taking unnecessary risks, or where there’s been a delay in us receiving parts or materials
  • Where the loss should have been covered by your own home contents insurance
  • Where you’re claiming for loss of earnings
  • If the request for compensation is made more than 40 working days (eight weeks) after an incident or damage has occurred.

A full copy of the Complaints Policy can be obtained by calling 0300 500 6262 or emailing